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We use the ADDI Model (Analysis, Design, Development, and Implementation), it is a key approach in software development. It is the idea of reviewing continual or formative feedback while creating instructional materials. This model strives to save time and money by catching problems while they are still easy to fix. We start with an understanding of the business as a whole and the impact that technology will have on the business. To avoid confusion and to communicate effectively, we use simple approach we take the requirement from the Client. A software development approach is a combination of good ideas, technology and design.

Software Development Approach:

    • The process of creating new software solutions
    • Used for developing large-scale complex, high budget software products requiring extensive expertise and long development times.
    • Used for small-scale projects where the user with a limited budget quickly develops the product.
    • Works well for medium sized projects involving extensive user interactions and requires a small development team with a variety of skills.
    • Emphasizes short-term cycles, able to adapt to changing requirements, Low formality, Teamwork emphasised.

Used to obtain feedback from the client about the requirements.